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Timber Flooring with Style in Bella Vista


Timber Floors – The Best Timber Flooring in Bella Vista 

We at Timber Floors are the premier company for timber flooring in Bella Vista. We know that when our clients improve or renovate their home or office, they are looking for a timeless style; one that will never age or go out of fashion. A solid timber floor will look great no matter what the interior decor is. Our customers can be sure that they can realise these goals by buying timber floors with us.

  • The advantages of investing in timber floors – There are so many reasons why people should invest in timber floors, particularly the natural hardwood varieties in which we deal. The first explanation for that is the aesthetic appeal genuine timber brings. People also do not know that these floors come with some health benefits as well. Unlike carpeted floors, they do not allow harmful allergens to set up colonies. Therefore, natural timber floors are great for people who are suffering from breathing ailments such as asthma. It is also so easy to clean and maintain these floors!
  • We help add style and warmth to our clients’ homes – The timber flooring in Bella Vista that we offer to our clients helps them add warmth and style to their homes or offices. This is the reason why our timber flooring has never gone out of fashion. This is especially true for people who are looking for natural and stylish surfaces for their floors. We have seen that clients with both renovated and new homes are approaching us for our services. They know we can offer them flooring solutions that would complement any style of decor.
  • We help our clients enrich their homes and offices – We offer the highest quality, elegant, and durable flooring to our clients. This is how we help our clients enrich their properties irrespective of whether it’s a home or office. We are among the biggest independent service providers in the region and have 59 years experience in flooring in Sydney! We believe in making the entire process simpler – and thus easier, for our clients. This makes sure that our clients can have peace of mind when they work with us. Our clients know that when they are working with us, they are getting value for money.
  • We offer the best combination of high quality and affordability – Our timber flooring in Bella Vista is among the most affordable that our clients would have access to in the region. At the same time, no company in the region can beat us in terms of quality in workmanship. We have an array of options for our clients to choose from. This includes various species of Australian hardwoods.

This makes sure that our clients would always get something that is the best fit for their property from us.


It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. We left your showroom feeling assured that you will do a good job. Floor supplied & Installed 22.10.08

David Camperdown


We would like to thank you for all your help, advice and patience with us. We really appreciate how much you have done to meet our needs, including being flexible around our tight schedule, and amendable to our wishes, particularly at this time of year.

Mr & Mrs W - West Pennant Hills


After my discussions with both John & Rex Bruker, I have the utmost confidence & assurance that I have chosen firstly, the right species of timber (Grey Gum), and secondly and most importantly, the right people to undertake this important aspect of the construction of my home.

Mr. S - Horlsey Park


Very professional throughout the process. High quality, amazing looking, locally sourced sustainable timber

Very pleased with the end product

Nazar Khan


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