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Timber Floors – The Best Timber Flooring In Austral 

People regard us, Timber Floors Pty Ltd, as the best name for timber flooring in Austral. One of the major reasons for that is the fact that we have been in the business of flooring for over 59 years. Our experience in the industry, as all can see, is outstanding to say the least. There are currently no other companies in Sydney or Austral that can match us. Our tradesmen have all the qualifications that one needs to work in the industry. Therefore, we can improve the critical aspects of every home or office we work in, improving their look, functionality, and overall feel.

We offer bespoke solutions to all our clients so that they can create a new atmosphere in their home or office within their budget.


  • We provide a satisfactory experience every time – This is because we have committed ourselves to achieving this goal in all our projects. It does not matter if we are working for residential or commercial based customers – our commitment never wavers. We take into account the space clients have in their home or office for such work. Our products are as expressive, durable, and beautiful as they come.
  • We have a reputation to protect – People know us as the top name for timber flooring in Austral. They know that the quality we offer in our products and services would be difficult – if not impossible – for others in the industry to match. We are one of the leading suppliers of Australian Hardwoods in the region. Our installation team has immense experience. Therefore, work efficiently and timely.
  • We offer low-maintenance products to our clients – We specialise in offering our clients low maintenance products. It also helps that our prices are as competitive as they are. Our clients can be sure that our work would add a lot of value to their commercial space and homes, at the best value for money.
  • Some benefits of natural timber – Natural Austrlian Hardwood timber is durable in the world When our clients buy high-quality timber floors from us, they can be sure that it will last decades. It also offers them a relaxed environment, unique beauty only natural timber can.
  • Why do people prefer natural timber floors – There is a good reason why so many people in the region prefer timber flooring in Austral. Apart from all that we have said already, it provides outstanding performance over the years. This provides users an exceptional experience and endears them to such floors.


It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. We left your showroom feeling assured that you will do a good job. Floor supplied & Installed 22.10.08

David Camperdown


We would like to thank you for all your help, advice and patience with us. We really appreciate how much you have done to meet our needs, including being flexible around our tight schedule, and amendable to our wishes, particularly at this time of year.

Mr & Mrs W - West Pennant Hills


After my discussions with both John & Rex Bruker, I have the utmost confidence & assurance that I have chosen firstly, the right species of timber (Grey Gum), and secondly and most importantly, the right people to undertake this important aspect of the construction of my home.

Mr. S - Horlsey Park


Very professional throughout the process. High quality, amazing looking, locally sourced sustainable timber

Very pleased with the end product

Nazar Khan


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