Modern & Durable Timber Flooring in Ryde

When you are looking for traditional flooring, Timber flooring is the perfect choice because the distinct beauty of unique colours and grains are only found in genuine Australian hardwood tongue and groove timber floors. Timber Floors Pty Ltd offers many options for timber flooring for residents and homeowners in Ryde. Quality Select Grade timber flooring offers unique patterns that Mother Nature has provided through inherited natural features such as pin holes, minimal gum veins, water marks and small cracks all adding to the beauty and yet is structurally sound.

The colouring of the floor is something that you can choose based on the species of timber. You might choose the timber because you like the way the timber looks, or you could choose a species that will perform best in your houses design and location. Making the right choice in flooring will in turn mean the timber will perform at its best, as it is a natural product that is Hygroscopic. What that means is timber expands and contracts – this is part of the natural cycle of a house in Sydney. The Ryde area sits like most of Sydney on reactive Clay so the homes are prone to movement. Knowing how to install a timber floor under these conditions is critical to providing a timber floor that will perform at its best for years.

The texture of the floors in the house is something that you will enjoy as you walk around barefoot. These floors have a feeling that you cannot get when you use tiles or another flooring.

Since 1993, Timber Floors Pty Ltd has been recognised as Sydney’s leading solid Australian hardwood timber flooring specialists in the Ryde area.

Whether you want to renovate your existing space or are building a new home. Timber Floors Pty Ltd can bring your dreams to life.

So, next time when you are looking for an experienced and professional company to install timber floors in your home or business, give us a call on 02 9756 4242 and you won’t be disappointed!