Remarkable Timber Flooring Service in Turramurra

Seeking the perfect timber flooring for a new home, business and renovation in Turramurra or the surrounding area?

Visit us at Timber Floors Pty Ltd. We know how to provide an extraordinary and trustworthy experience for our customers. We offer our we offer our customers in Turramurra, quality and service.

With so many types of timber to choose from, you need the expertise when selecting and installing solid wood floors. We possess specialisation in the installation of genuine solid Australian hardwood floors.

Get the appropriate advice early in the construction phase which can help you to work with your builder to include plans for a solid wooden floor. Visit our showroom and warehouse, to receive helpful advice and free quotes.

We analyse your situation and provide you with the expertise to assist you in choosing a wooden floor that best fits your needs. After you have chosen an appropriate flooring option, our well-experienced team will use our unique innovative installation methods for the best results. This floor can be customised for concrete slabs, old floors, such as tiles, plated tiles or particleboards.

Come in and talk to us about our services for timber flooring and let us explain how our experts can help you as every client with whom we work is different and has his/her own preferences and requirements.

We work under the guidance of veterans like John Bruker and Rex Bruker. Our vast experience helps our customers with the best flooring services in Turramurra.

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