Leading Timber Service Providers in Strathfield

Installing Timber Flooring in Your Home

Many people just love the look of wood - it has a natural and elegant appeal that many homeowners prefer. Timber flooring is a floor covering of choice for refined home owners, including businesses, homes, staging, and public areas such as libraries, churches, and office buildings. Australian wood flooring is highly sort after and not readily available. Timber Floors Pty Ltd however source our timber flooring direct from Australian Mills, we specially select the Species of timbers that we work with choosing from only the highest quality most mature trees available. Strathfield is a short distance from Smithfield, which is why we have worked on so many homes in this area over the years. Free estimates on materials and installation are quickly and easily available from this family-owned business.

Located in Smithfield, Australia, just on the outskirts of Sydney and Strathfield, the warehouse and showroom are easily accessible to anyone who would like to view the wide variety of Australian hardwood choices that are available. Make a point of touching this product, walking on it, and visualizing it in your home or office. This family-owned and operated businesses can provide you with free estimates on the timber flooring of your choice.

The benefits of choosing these unique building materials include:

Hardwood flooring will last a lifetime. It will never need to be replaced and looks fantastic with almost any type of interior design.

Eye Appeal
This beautiful addition will look fantastic with almost any type of interior design.

Increase in Property Value
Installing this timber flooring in your structures will immediately increase the value of the building. The resale value will be much higher, and it will be easier to sell when you decide to. With such beautiful and durable floors, you will probably never want to sell.

Easy Maintenance
When speaking to the professionals at the warehouse and showroom, be sure to ask about the ease and effectiveness of the maintenance on this type of floor.

A wide variety of unique choices
No piece of timber flooring is ever the same. Each one has its own unique patterns and striking designs that will be unique to that piece of timber. Don't just make the trip to Timber Floors Pty Ltd in Smithfield just for flooring; our company also has talented individuals in their employ who can also construct hardwood staircases and solid, unique furniture pieces such as dining tables, shelving, entertainment centres, stages, screens and more!