Real Wood Timber Flooring in Penrith

Timber has been used by people as a preferred choice of flooring for centuries. Timber flooring offers significant benefits when you choose an Australian Hardwood, as it will outperform and outlast other flooring products. Real solid timber floors are 19mm thick. Timber Flooring adds warmth, richness and character to any area. There are various types of timber flooring available in the market however none offer the uniqueness that an Australian Hardwood can for the same price, durability, and appearance.

The price of timber flooring is competitive to many engineered flooring products, however most discerning home owners still prefer choosing natural solid timber flooring because of the value it will add to your home. Using our world-class Timber flooring services in Penrith, NSW will make your house look elegant, clean and natural. It will also improve the stature and the value of the property. It is advisable to consider the value that will be added to the house before looking for alternatives.

Timber flooring is the most durable floor available in the market. It has a smooth finish that will make it easy to clean. It is also the only floor that will stand the test of time and is easy to clean and maintain. A timber floor requires minimal maintenance as the modern finishes we use outlast other cheaper products and will not edge bond the timber floor.

Timber flooring has an elegant appearance that is attractive to many people. Timber flooring improves the aesthetic appeal of a house the uniqueness within every Species of timber and makes it look more natural compared to artificial floorings.

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