Smart & Beautiful Timber Flooring in Leppington, Sydney

When you are searching for the perfect timber flooring option in Leppington or surrounding area for the construction of a new home, business, or renovation, make sure you visit us at Timber Floors Pty Ltd. We know what exceptional and reliable contracting means. We are committed to providing clients with quality and service now other Flooring Company can offer in Leppington.

Currently in and around the Leppington area there are many new homes being built, most are by Project Home Builders. Solid timber floors require experience that most Builders do not have, so they avoid natural solid timber floors. You should not be turned away from getting a genuine solid Australian Hardwood timber floor installed after handover. Getting the right advice early on in the “build” can assist with getting your Builder to prepare the home for a solid timber floor. Most new home owners are time poor so we can start the installation of a solid timber floor the day after you receive the keys to your new home. You can receive helpful advice and free quotes when you visit our Showroom and Warehouse.

See the amazing selection of grains and colours in the high-quality timbers that are available that will look great in any room and perform well for many years to come. We will analyse your circumstances and preferences and provide you with the knowledge to help you choose a timber floor that is best suited for your needs.

Once you have made your choice, we will plan to have our well-experienced team use our unique innovative methods of installation. This timber flooring can be tailored to go over concrete slabs, old floorings such as tiles, plywood or particleboard.

Come in and talk to us about our timber flooring services in Leppington and let us explain how our expert tradesmen can help you since every customer we work with is different and has their own tastes and requirements. You will also get an idea of the features that you want in your new flooring. The result will be a timber floor that not only looks fantastic but also will perform well. It will be enjoyed and admired by your family and guests for years to come.

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