Better Timber Flooring solutions in Concord, Sydney

Exceptional Timber Flooring in Concord

If you are in the market for Timber Flooring in Concord and surrounding areas, you have an outstanding choice from these types of superior quality Australian Hardwood. Our specialists in this innovative flooring will be glad to show you the many selections in grain, colour, milling, and maturity displayed in our showroom and well-stocked warehouse. Good quality hardwood timber flooring requires knowledge of the source of the timber. It is important that the timber is older and more stable so that it will not “move”, unlike timbers sourced from young trees, making those timber floors prone to movement.

Timber flooring stocked by Timber Floors Pty Ltd Concord is modern, stylish, ageless, will stand the test of time, and will uniquely enhance any room's decor. Our innovative timber flooring service is tailored to each job individually.

Our friendly and helpful staff at Timber Floors Pty Ltd will be happy to answer any of your questions about the supply and installation of this real wood flooring. We will give you expert advice and a free consultation that will help to guide you in selecting from the many choices of timber flooring available in the Concord area. Call us on 02 9756 4242 and speak to our experts today! Ask for Rex Bruker or John Bruker.