Timber Flooring Experts in Caringbah

Timber Floors Pty Ltd provides professional consultation for the excellent choice of superior quality Australian Timber Flooring for homeowners and business-owners in Caringbah and surrounding suburbs.

Our specialists in innovative flooring installations are pleased to show you our warehouse and our showroom for the demos. We offer you the choice from a vast range Timber Flooring options in various sizes, characteristics and designs.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge of the source material and varieties of wood for the best quality flooring. In contrast to selecting timber from younger trees, we selectively pick the mature timber for its long-lasting qualities.

We use the modern installation techniques, with our many years of experience, we use time-tested methods to install stylish and unique Timber Flooring to enhance the decor of the rooms of your home.

We provide customised flooring services for the special needs of your home. We possess friendly and helpful tradesmen for the consultation about flooring material and installation processes.

We will give you expert advice and a free consultation to help you choose from the various options available for wood floors in the Caringbah and neighbouring suburbs.

Contact our experts today by calling 02 9756 4242! Rex Bruker or John Bruker, these veterans in the business will personally attend to your request.